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The Repair Process starts with Diagnosis.

You can’t fix something if you don’t know what’s wrong. Computers are complicated and it’s not always obvious what’s broken.

A virus infection may be more: in addition to infecting your computer, it may have changed operating systems files and settings. We’ve even seen viruses seemingly delete documents, photos and music. Virus removal may be only half the problem.

Laptop won’t turn on? It may be your power cord. Or, it could be the jack the cord plugs into, the battery, the motherboard or even something else. We check it all.

Once we do a thorough diagnosis, we will discuss your repair options and if we feel that your machine is too far gone, we’ll recommend that you replace it.

Services we provide:

Screen replacement.
Cannot access the Internet.
The computer does not power on.
Unable to charge battery.
Dim screen.
USB port problems.
System hangs up or shuts down by itself.
Wireless connection problem.
Keyboard repair.
Computer not booting.
Password reset.
Damaged hard drive.
Missing drivers.
Spyware and malaware.
No video.
Windows installation, data backup and transfer.
Laptop turns on but nothing showing on the screen.
Windows Operating System repair.